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Air Strike 3D PC Game Latest

Air Strike 3D PC Game Latest
  Air Strike 3D is the best helicopter game actions with a great graphical display and effects that make it increasingly challenged the players to play this game. This game displays a 3D view of an air raid with the mission of Operation WAT are packed so ripe to give the player a more challenging game and make the adrenalin seemed to be on top combined with a view through the camera is adjusted to effect the style of films like Hollywood Box Office provide an amazing visual experience.
To play the game Air Strike 3D is there are 20 levels to finish the mission with 100 different enemy units that must be destroyed and there are 5 types of background battlefield and 3 powerful terrorist bosses to beat if you want to complete the entire mission and an end to this game. To start the game, pal can choose 10 different types of helicopters according to the desired character. Moreover, in this game the players are also pampered with the 10 unique weapons with 5 level upgrade different, 5 types of missiles and 12 other bonus is the easier steps to do all the missions that have been determined, and the mission at night, with weather conditions varies. Waw ... It was so amazing adventure.

When it has successfully completed the mission and the player has achieved the goals set by the previous commander, the player will be given access to a place that is more sophisticated and have a complete arsenal of super and super strong. Just like a real army, if it has successfully completed the entire mission, players will also be given a promotion to a promotion that will increase life that cause the players will not be easily defeated in every battle against the enemy.
System requirements :
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
  • Pentium II 333 MHz
  • RAM 64 Mb
  • 100% OpenGL 1.xx compliant 3D accelerated video card
  • 100% DirectX 3 compliant sound card

Screenshots :

screenshots game Counter Strike Terbaru Global Offensive (GO) 2012 screenshots game Counter Strike Terbaru Global Offensive (GO) 2012
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source: Game PC Air Strike 3D news

New characters Angry Birds Space

New characters Angry Birds Space
It is inevitable now Angry Birds become the most popular game in great demand by all people regardless of age. After a long awaited by many users of Windows, Android, Mac, etc., as a manufacturer of Angry Birds Rovio has finally released the latest version of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space. Space on the release of Angry Birds, Rovio introduces some new characters in the game shoot this pig. Some of the latest character is both a refresher conducted by Rovio so that players do not feel bored while playing this game with the characters 'monotonous'.
As the name implies, Angry Birds Space has a background in the game space with a gravitational force that is different from previous versions of Angry Birds. Latest character Space Angry Birds of six birds have a more cool when compared to previous versions. Perhaps because of the background space, Rovio intentionally made ​​six bird looks more like an astronaut or it could be said to be 'birds' future with the view or the same color and the ability to also almost the same for each character with the character of the previous version of Angry Birds game.

Karakter Terbaru Angry Birds Space

Six new characters Angry Birds game Space:

        1. Red Bird. Red bird is about the same as previous versions did not have any ability
         2.Blue Bird. This blue bird has the ability to be divided into three when it is fired
         3.Ice Bird. These birds are a more unique look than other bird species due to its name this bird has the ability to turn stones into ice
         4.Lazer Bird. This purple-colored birds have the ability to increase the speed at which to shoot the enemy
         5.Terence Crashes. Birds are black and appear larger than other types of bird character
         Bird Explodes 6.Bom. As the name of this bird has the ability to explode to destroy the evil pigs.

source: Karakter Terbaru Angry Birds Space

New features of BlackBerry Messenger 6.1

  Is my friend loyal users the BlackBerry smartphone? Have upgraded the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger? If not, it's time my friend had to do an upgrade to the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger. In the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) the latest version 6.1, RIM has added a new feature that is super cool. Where can my friend use the icon or emoticon animated avatar profile for fuel.
Many do not know if the BlackBerry Messenger 6.1 has provided some of the emoticons are cool and super funny. So my friend does not need to download because we just choose one of the few icons or emoticons to be used as icon or emoticon animated avatar. Originally emoticon does not look like an avatar, but when my friend choose one of several emoticons, buddy can see what kind of animated emoticons are. To prove that the avatar buddy icon has been transformed into animated emoticons, buddy can try to check the fuel profile buddies on other BlackBerry smartphone by highlighting the profile name of the BlackBerry Messenger buddies in contact list.

Fitur Terbaru avatar emoticon animasi BlackBerry Messenger 6.1

Here's how to use animated emoticons as avatars profile BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) 6.1:

       A. Open BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry menu
         2.Select the "View My Profile"
         3.The fuel profile is open, press the menu button and select "Change Display Picture" or a friend can do it by directly clicking on the avatar of fuel that is located to the left of Display Name
         4.After media gallery or open, sliding tracpad / trackball down and select the folder which is located under another folder
         5.Pilih one of several emoticons such as fuel profile avatar
         6.Setelah choose one emoticon, press the menu button and select "Save" to make storage
         7. Avatar profile BlackBerry Messenger buddy has berubaha be animated emoticons.

source: Fitur Terbaru BlackBerry Messenger 6.1

Angry Birds Android Application Space False Game

Angry Birds Android Application Space False Game - Latest Technology News | New Software | New Gadget - The long awaited launch some time ago, Angry Birds kicked off the world game market with its latest version of Angry Birds Space. In the new series, the Rovio as a producer in the world's most popular game introduces several new characters Angry Birds Space. Some of these new characters including Red Bird, Blue Bird, Ice Bird, Bird Lazer, Terence Crashes, Explodes Bird and Bomb.
With fame and popularity of the series Space Angry Birds, it turns out to make the game very interested in some circles. But it should also be affected by the emergence of some of the problems facing this Rovio game made in the application form on the Android operating system. According to information circulating lately, Rovio be confused with the advent of Android apps false Space Angry Birds game that has been spread in the Android Market. The problem is this fake Space Angry Birds spread the malware to hide in the payload on the Android smartphones have downloaded the game.

Aplikasi Android Game Angry Birds Space Palsu

Even worse, after users download and install the game Angry Birds Space applications of this false, fake Android apps this game will download additional malware and making of the Android smartphone users as part of a botnet. After being part of a botnet, Android smartphone users will then be used as a power function for a number of operations for hackers who have included the malware in fake Space Angry Birds.
But for my friend to be Android smartphone users to download games on cellphone Space Angry Birds can breathe freely. Because there is an easy way to avoid application of the Android game Angry Birds false Space. The trick is:

    1. Check the developer of the application to be downloaded
     2.If my friend had already download the game Angry Birds Space, make sure you have downloaded the   application from the obvious sources
     3.Before downloading and installing, first back up your important data from your smartphone or Android phone pal

source:Aplikasi Android Game Angry Birds Space Palsu

How To Take Care BlackBerry Touchscreen Display

How To Take Care BlackBerry Touchscreen Display - Latest Technology News | New Software | New Gadget - User BlackBerry BlackBerry particular type of touchscreen devices like the BlackBerry 9810 and BlackBerry Torch Torch 9850/9860 are having problems on the touch screen smartphone. Such as touch screen or touch screen is scratched, cracked, etc.. Much the usual way most BlackBerry users to protect and care for the touch screen (touchscreen) smartphone BlackBerry. Most choose to use a screen protector and some are choosing to use the casing. But there was also a polish friend smartphone screen every day. May assume this friend is very trivial. But what's wrong to consider things that are so small or trivial before its too late and things happen that are not desirable.
electromaster screen protectors blackberry touchscreen layar sentuh

screen protectors blackberry touchscreen touchscreen
When this screen protector does not seem to be a priority for most BlackBerry users. Those who use a screen protector just some BlackBerry users to display her ever broken that use it. But before that happens, prevention is a highly accurate solution to the problem. Given the current price of screen protector can be said to be cheaper when compared to other BlackBerry accessories such as the casing. Screen protector is the easiest way to keep the touch screen or touchscreen on the BlackBerry smartphone.
electromaster screen protectors blackberry touchscreen touchscreenIn addition to protecting and caring for BlackBerry touch-screen buddy, another function of the screen protector to protect the privacy of the user. A wide range of colors available in screen protector to protect and prevent others to view the screen BlackBerry that we are used from a certain angle. This is because Electromaster screen protectors are a mirror LCD screen on a smartphone can make a line of privacy screen protector for BlackBerry use.
Screen protector not only be used on BlackBerry smartphones that have touch screen functionality or touchscreen only. Create a buddy BlackBerry user types such as BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Javelin, etc., also can use it to protect your BlackBerry screen that are not easily scratched.

source: Cara Merawat Layar Touchscreen BlackBerry

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Latest Soon BlackBerry Curve 9320 Released

Latest Soon BlackBerry Curve 9320 Released - Latest Technology News | NewSoftware | New Gadget - No longer Reseacrh In Motion (RIM) as the manufacturerwill be releasing the BlackBerry Curve 9300 penerusBlackBerry. Smartphone that will be called the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is a low-end series was first announced by T-Mobile and will reportedly be available in the UK gadget market. Some time ago the world media had reported that an image or design of the BlackBerryCurve9320 media first emerged in India. Picture of BlackBerry Curve 9320 iscirculating in the Indian state itself reportedly uploaded by an Indian journalist whoworks for a technology site.

One of the advantages of the BlackBerry Curve 9320 and can say only oneBlackBerryyang smartphone has its own uniqueness that is the existence of aspecial button that can be utilized by users to access the BlackBerry Messengerapplication or commonly known as fuel. BlackBerry Curve 9320 new features isthe support of other Operating System (OS) version of the BlackBerry, OS 7.1, as well as navigation buttons stand out like a BlackBerry Bellagio.

In terms of design, when viewed at a glance, a smartphone that dimension 109 x60 x 12.7 mm and 2.44-inch QVGA display has a design that does not vary muchwith the BlackBerry Curve 9300 series sebelumnya.BlackBerry Curve 9320 has adevice body and the battery cover made of plastic and the side edge of the bezelis adorned with colored stainless makes this smartphone BlackBerry different from other types because it is very light when held. 
harga dan spesifikasi BlackBerry Curve 9320 Terbaru

In terms of performance, in addition to using OS 7.1 to support the mainperformance, the specification of this new BlackBerry Curve 9320 is using 512RAM, 512 ROM, network technology 3.5 G (HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA 5.76Mbps), 3.2 MP camera, expendable memory, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Until now there has been no official word on the price of this latest BlackBerryCurve 9320. But definitely, RIM reported that this smartphone will be released in May 2012 in the UK and will be prepared to market emerging markets.

source:,, BlackBerry Curve 9320 Terbaru Segera Dirilis

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Generation Computer Technology

Acer Revo 70 Teknologi Komputer Generasi Terbaru

Although the Acer Revo 70 is equipped with some interesting features like the above, apparently the latest generation of computers has also coined the shortage.Because Acer Revo 70 has not yet support USB 3.0 as well as similar devicesbased on AMD.

According to the news, the latest generation of computer prices Acer Revo 70 isapproximately $ 384 (USD 3.5 million).

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